(Not) Wedding Crashers!

A wonderful 3 weekends and 2 weddings!

It would be our first weddings together and they were 2 weekends apart. Chrissy's long-time college friend and my childhood friend would be entering the next phase of their life together. It was going to be a great celebration with them and their spouses. 

Giordano Wedding

October 16th, 2016 the first showers of the season, it just also happened to be Steven and Mckenna's wedding weekend. Fortunately, backup plans were quickly assessed and adopted. A move of the wedding ceremony to the driveway, a quick call to the Jewish Community Center, and a trip to Target for a few dozen umbrellas and the wedding was set to go off without a hitch. 

I drove up with Brian and Andrew, 2 husbands of other bridesmaids, to one of the most extravagant estates I had ever been to. A quarter mile drive-way leading into the interior of the 11-acre grounds. The house, an 11,000 sq ft mansion, spreading out before us on the expertly manicured lawn.

The rain had held out to this point with only minor showers in the morning, however, I was glad to see a large tent set up with chairs crowded underneath. A quick scan of the crowd and I noticed John Broom with seats already saved for us, right near the center and away from the unsheltered sides. Thank you John!

We arrived shortly before the ceremony started and it didn't take me long to see the most beautiful sight of the day, blonde hair, blue eyes, flowing navy dress, cheeks I fell in love with and a smile that brightens anyone's day. I don't really remember anyone else walking down the aisle or when they started playing "Here Comes the Bride", but none of that seemed to matter in the moment. 

After the wedding we headed to the JCC and spent the rest of the evening dancing and conversing. A great cap to a beautiful wedding. Getting to know her friends better and being able to celebrate the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Giordano!


Halloween is always an interesting time of year. People dress up in costumes, kids ask strangers for candy and this year, people were getting married. In order to fit it all in we had to plan things out to the minute. We had a Halloween party Saturday night and the wedding the following day. If only we had a ship that made the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs...

Saturday night was quickly approaching and we still didn't have our costumes figured out. I had a lab coat and was leaning toward being a doctor but Chrissy didn't have anything to match. After going back and forth Chrissy threw out a suggestion from left field... Han and Leia. I initially thought this was a joke (I mean seriously, who would've believed it was serious), but she insisted she was serious and that she was ready to go.

That's one scruffy looking nerf herder!

That's one scruffy looking nerf herder!

Floyd Wedding

A late night drive later and we were opening the door to my parents house searching for the newest family member, Max, my parent's new Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. After completely ruining his sleep schedule for our own selfish desires we headed to bed to be well rested for tomorrow's wedding.

We arrived to the vineyard laid out before us, Chrissy looking as stunning as always and the decorations truly shining. It was a beautiful ceremony celebrating the new married couple, even Trump and Hillary made an appearance. We laughed, we applauded and we danced throughout the night. The band was so good that even my father decided to hop up on the dance floor! The Floyd wedding brought lots of surprises to everyone!

Once we were all exhausted from the dance floor we still had to get home! Fortunately, I had some great company on the ride home who made sure I didn't fall asleep.