The reveal

It is the eve of Thanksgiving, a holiday that serves as a reminder of all we have to be thankful for, and as I sit here writing my first blog post (literally, I think this is the first one I have ever written!) I cannot begin to list all of the things I am grateful for this year. But since this incredible website is created specially for Brian and my journey I will focus on that particular part of my "thankfulness" right now. Let's start by sharing how Brian revealed this site to me... 


Little did I know that Brian was creating this website for the last 6 months! He had dropped little hints along the way about "needing to get home to work on something" or responding to me in midst of conversations saying, "just wait until your birthday..." You could have presented me with a slew of options and I still would NEVER have guessed that a guy would ever do something like this. Especially for me! Anyone that knows me knows how much I love Hallmarks; the cheesier the better in my opinion :) But I always knew that Hallmarks lived on the television screen and were not carried into real life. But this, Brian, is very Hallmark-like and since my birthday I haven't stopped pinching myself.  

The reveal of this site couldn't have been more perfect. At first it was absolutely dreadful to wait for... (It's a long story, but Brian was supposed to get his ACL surgery just before my birthday so we were going to celebrate early, hence me getting this present early! But a mishap in the front office, surgery rescheduled, and I now had to wait until my actual birthday! Sounds silly I know, but the reason I was so anxious to see this "mysterious" present was because Brian had been holding it over my head for weeks now. The fact that he was in the know and I wasn't made him more giddy than you would believe!) But like I said before, the reveal of this site couldn't have been more perfect. We are sitting at dinner (Rok Bistro - one of our favorite special occasion spots) and he asks when I would like to see the present. Mind you, I had teasingly reminded him back at his place to "not forget the present!" and then again when we got out of the car. Both times I see him grab for... nothing! But, I bite my tongue and remind myself to enjoy every moment of this evening. So of course when he asks when I would like to see the gift I jump on it and say, casually of course, "oh now seems like a good time." He pulls out a small ticket from his shirt pocket and hands it across the table. It is a printed/laminated ticket that has this site address on it. As I look up in pure confusion he begins to explain the site... I do think this may be the first time Brian had ever seen me speechless! And the worst part, now I had to wait all through dinner before we go back to his place and view it! 


Needless to say, Brian Christopher Mulholland, I couldn't be more thankful for you. For the way you treat me, the way you love me, the way you push me to be better. The way you look at me, respond to me and make me feel so safe. I knew I liked you from that first date, but daily you continually show me why I have fallen in love with you (and now everyone who sees this knows just a little snipet of why that is too!). Thank you for making me feel like I am the only girl in the room no matter where we are. Thank you for strengthening my faith in ways you may never know. Thank you for bearing with me on both the good and bad days, and leaning-in even when I push you away. I thank the Lord for creating you and molding you into the man of my dreams. You are better than a Hallmark -- you are the real deal. I love that I have the privilege of being loved by you and for that, I couldn't be more humbled. 

And most of all, thank you for this website - the fact that you have been working on it for the last six months and kept it a secret is truly the sweetest most kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. I love you right back, Brian. Truly I do.