It all started 12/16/15...

I had been on Coffee Meets Bagel for [TIME REDACTED] and while I had been on a few dates none of them went past the second. So it was more out of habit than unbridled hope that I opened up CMB that day. Lucky for me, Chrissy was my bagel! And so, after taking the bagel I only had to wait for her response...

How could I not say yes?

How could I not say yes?

"Congratulations! Your Bagel from 12/16/15 likes you too"

After a few messages back and forth she agreed to meet me for coffee. Now, I only had to decide whether or not to trim my beard! Luckily, I decided the homeless-man-under-a-bridge-look wouldn't be too good for a first date. And so, on a crisp Monday evening with a trimmed beard I met her for the first time just outside Orchard Valley Coffee in Campbell. 

The date went splendid, we talked for a couple hours each getting to know one another, she with her coffee and me with my hot chocolate. Little did I know then, but this wouldn't be the last time we stayed somewhere until closing. 

As the date concluded, there was only one question left to be asked, "Would you like to go on a second date?"