The First Few

After the first few dates things really settled into a pleasant routine. We'd see each other multiple times a week and were always learning more about the other. Her probing questions always digging deeper and my response always the same, "That's a great question, now I'm asking you the same thing". It was clear who the introvert and who the extrovert was. I was amazed at how easy to talk to and friendly she was, it was hard to believe she continued to go on dates with me. However, the good times weren't to last, as disaster soon struck, The Colon Tour was upon us (it really wasn't disaster but a good story always needs some drama).

It was a whirlwind of suitcases, pig colons and late night airport pick-ups. However, through it all we still managed to see each other regularly partly because both of us enjoy staying up really, really late. And so with only a little less sleep than usual we were able to weather The Colon Tour hurricane, and no sooner had it ended before another relationship milestone popped up, meeting my parents!

My parents  occasionally come visit me in Campbell with my sister tagging along. I think it's because I don't call enough... sorry about that Mom and Dad! Unfortunately, this time my sister wasn't able to make it, so it was just the 4 of us for lunch.

As I expected Chrissy was sweet, charming and full of bubbling personality. The atmosphere at Pacific Catch was great, she was the first girl I had introduced to my parents since high school, and after meeting her I know they were as enamored as I was.

With a few months under our belt and the mounting pleas from her parents to meet me, she finally felt comfortable bringing us together. It was now my turn to sit in the hot seat and from what she'd told me the questions would be rapid fire.