I looked on with unease as I signaled the 'All Set' sign. It was now or never. I felt the jerk of the boat as it pulled me up, I felt that elation of standing on water and just as soon i felt the pull of gravity as it pulled me face first over the wake board and back into the water.I knew at that point this wasn't going to be an easy lesson. 

It was the start of our 3 weekend marathon. Plans had come together where we'd be out of town for the next 3 weekends, two of them with my group of friends and one with her group. The first was a long weekend trip to Lake Shasta where we'd be spending our time on a houseboat, wake boarding and BBQ'ing. I was a little nervous since I'd never done any water sports and would have to show off my (lack of) skills in front of Chrissy, but it was a great start to what ended up being an exciting 3 weekends.

Memorial Day Weekend -- Lake Shasta

I wasn't sure what to expect when we parked the car, grabbed our stuff and headed down to the dock. As we loaded the ski boat with our gear and took off a sudden deluge of water started spraying the back of the boat, where Erica and myself were sitting, drenching us in seconds. We quickly realized the reason for this was because of the bumpers which were still hanging off the side of the boat. Everyone said it was an honest mistake, but I'm of the opinion that it was my initiation for being the new one in the group. 

The next morning we got together a guys boat and headed out to do some wake boarding; I figured it was better to practice first before having to do it in front of Chrissy. After 4-5 attempts I was able to stand up. Later that day Chrissy and I were able to head out on the boat together, it was finally time to showcase the skills I had learned that morning and to finally see how good she was. Leading up to the trip she had continually downplayed her ability, but when she stood up I immediately new she had been underselling her ability, I really shouldn't have let her go first, I had to follow up THAT performance. Uh-oh. Luckily for me I was able to stand up each time Chrissy was watching even if it was short lived.

She makes it look a lot easier than I do.

She makes it look a lot easier than I do.

Monterey -- Wine and Chowder Festival

Lots and lots of very good chowder, wine and even some moonshine made the appearance this weekend. I'm usually not a chowder person, but wow, there were some good choices there. This weekend also happened to fall on Jenn's Birthday, so in addition to Wine and Chowder she got to spend some quality time with her sister. It was a very relaxing weekend with some great views and better food!

Tahoe -- Tough Mudder

Even though neither myself nor Chrissy ran the Tough Mudder, it was still nice to spend the weekend in Tahoe. We went on a lovely hike, relaxed a lot and she spent some time at the beach, it was a very simple and calm weekend.