I said, "OF COURSE!"

I wanted to start out writing you a thank you note for my Christmas present, but honestly had no idea where to start! Because really, how does a thank you note for the most beautiful engagement ring even look like!? Instead I think I will add to our love story here and just thank you for being you. Because you are you... you planned the most perfect Christmas "Adam" a girl could ever ask for... you asked my parents and sister months ago for my hand... you planned to have your (and my soon to be!) family there at the proposal... you went out of your way to get my ring made to something more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed of. And because you are you, you practiced getting down on one knee all morning at PT just so you can do it one more time for me. Babe I am still in awe of it all and I am humbled that you thought of every detail that you did. You truly couldn't have planned a more perfect day. 

I could not be more excited to be your bride-to-be and even though I am getting demoted in the alphabet, *wink wink, Chrissy Mulholland sure does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it!? I look forward to this next season for us. The wedding will be amazing and I can't wait for it, but moreso I just can't wait to do life with you. To get our first home together, to make dinner together, to laugh together, cry together, to love Jesus more together... and learn together what marriage truly looks like. I'm just so humbled and excited I get to marry YOU. Thank you for the most amazing Christmas. Getting to be your wife is a present that no thank-you note will ever do justice. 

I love you, Brian Christopher. Thank you for choosing me. I choose you right back.